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Jurassic World the Exhibition 

Don’t miss Jurassic World: The Exhibition in Atlanta, an immersive experience bringing you face-to-face with life-size dinosaurs. Walk through the world-famous Jurassic World gates and prepare to be left in awe as the ground-breaking movie franchise is brought to life!

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Emory:  Science Gallery Atlanta

Through multidisciplinary collaborations between visual, performance, and media arts and fields ranging from public health, biology, theology, physics, sociology, economics and beyond, Science Gallery Atlanta at Emory University seeks to explore universal themes that impact our communities right here in Atlanta and, through our work, inform global discourse.

Reserve tickets and learn more about their latest JUSTICE exhibit here

May 7 

Wussy Mag Market

May 21

Wussy Mag Market

June 4 

Chaka Khan Hacienda

June 11

Wussy Mag Market

June 25

Wussy Mag Market

July 9

Wussy Mag Market

July 16

Chaka Khan Hacienda

Aug. 20

Chaka Khan Hacienda

Oct 8

Chaka Khan Hacienda

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